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The Best English Teaching Institutes to Learn English in the UAE

The benefits of speaking near flawless English in the UAE is well documented. In a region where foreign investors are never in short supply, the advantage of learning English is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are several English language schools you can enroll to help you master the language -you just need to figure out which are the best English Teaching Institutes in the UAE.


Can’t figure out where to start ? Here are the top institutes to learn English in UAE:


1. iEnglish Language Institute


Established in 2007, iEnglish Language Institute is one of the best English Teaching Institutes in the UAE because it is one of the rare English training institute accredited by the UAE Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) and Ministry of Education. iEnglish Language Institute also has specific tie-ups and/or associations/agreements with the major publishers such as Pearson Education, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and IDP Education recognizing iEnglish as an IELTS Testing Venue.



2. Speak English Language Institute


Dubai-based Speak English Language Institute specializes in offering conversation courses in English to a large number of local students. Speak English Language Institute is included as one of the best English Teaching Institutes in the UAE because they provide a great venue to practice speaking English with the help of professionally trained language teachers.


3. Eton Institute


Eton Institute focuses on both improving grammar and communication skills through internationally accredited classes at its Abu Dhabi and Dubai branches. Eton Institute is all about interactive learning and is definitely one of the best English Teaching Institutes in the UAE, if not the best.


4. Direct English Center


Direct English Center offers various kinds of classes are to help marketers, finance, hotel industry and tourism professionals learn perfect English. They focus on motivating students to practice conversational English. It is one of the best English Teaching Institutes in the UAE because they strive to keep their classes interesting, enjoyable by maintaining an encouraging and supportive classroom setting.


Mastering English is important especially if you plan to scale new heights in both academic and professional field. If you’re looking for the best English Teaching Institutes in the UAE, choosing any of these language schools can help you realize your dreams of landing either that perfect job or starting your own business in the region.